Water with Benefits


Number1 Drink's are crafted to give you a more Nutritious

Bang for your Buck than any other water, soft drink or mixer.


Without artificial colours, sugars or stimulants, the Number1

Drink's Taste Great, are Zero-Sugar, Zero Calorie, Lemon+Lime 

flavour functional beverages, powered by Energy-Enhancing 

B Vitamins and immune boosting Vitamin C.

A More Nutritious Bang for Your Buck

Functional Beverage 

Sales set to Boom in 2020

Just Drinks

Today's Consumers expect Healthy Options

'Low & No' Trend is here to Stay


Staggering Growth in Online Searches for Functional Drinks

'Immune System' searches skyrocket - up 66%

Beverage Daily

Global Obesity & Diabetes levels are at Epidemic Levels 

 World Health Organisation

The Home Delivery Market is Growing & Evolving at an Incredible Pace 

Deliveroo Press Release

Today's Brits want more than a

can of 'sugary pop'

The Grocer

The Rise of the 'Skinny' Cocktail


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